Free ESL classes, Math Tutorial, Citizenship Tutorial and Computer Training at Cedar Riverside AE

Cedar Riverside Adult Education Collaborative (CRAEC) is in the heart of the Cedar Riverside neighborhood. Classrooms are conveniently located in the Riverside Plaza apartment complex and the Brian Coyle Community Center across the street. CRAEC offers morning, afternoon and evening English language learning classes which include basic math and computer skills. In addition, students can sign up for one-on-one tutoring in citizenship or other topics of interest to accommodate the busy schedules of our adult learners.





To provide the skills and support necessary for adult learners to pursue education and employment goals.


Who we serve

The majority of our 400+ students are recent immigrants or refugees seeking to learn English in order to gain the necessary communication skills for finding and holding a job, going grocery shopping, navigating medical appointments, talking with their children’s teachers, or continuing their education. Over 90% of our students are East Africans who fled their native countries to escape Civil War, torture, death, and religious, ethnic, or political persecution. Many of our students have been victims of torture, have lived in a refugee camp, or have been politically persecuted. Some of our students have never experienced formal education and are not literate in their first language. Others have come from highly educated backgrounds, were professionals in their native countries and speak several languages.

English Classes in Cedar Riverside



At Cedar Riverside Adult Education Collaborative (CRAEC), English language learners can easily acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their communities. Whether applying for a job, helping children with homework, or making an appointment, we work hard to help our students learn English. Our highly-qualified teachers provide culturally-sensitive instruction in a welcoming classroom environment. Classrooms quickly become tight-knit, supportive communities...



During registration our staff use the CASAS reading test and an informal interview to determine an incoming student's English level. Based on that information and education history, we place new learners in the appropriate level class. Please plan to stay for up to 2 hours during the testing and interview. If there is space in the class, students can start class the following Monday. If the class is full, then the student is placed...


Summer Break

[August 19, 2023 - September 10, 2023]

Back-to-school day

[September 11, 2023]

Happy July 4th!

[TUESDAY, July 4th, 2023]

Eid Mubarak!


Volunteering at CRAEC

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Why Volunteer at Cedar Riverside Adult Education Collaborative?

Help promote literacy. 885 million adults are illiterate in the world today. That’s about 1 in 4 adults. Literate adults have many advantages. They can read the job application they pick up, help their children with homework, read the medicine bottles they get from the doctor, and much more. Quite simply,...

Classes at CRAEC

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Cedar Riverside Adult Education Collaborative (CRAEC) offers a range of free English language learning (ELL) courses for adults from pre-literate to high intermediate, up to level 5 -- our most advanced course. The various levels ensure that anyone wanting to learn English has an opportunity to do so, regardless of prior education or experience. Besides ELL classes, CRAEC provides Citizenship classes, Computer...