At Cedar Riverside Adult Education Collaborative (CRAEC), English language learners can easily acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their communities. Whether applying for a job, helping children with homework, or making an appointment, we work hard to help our students learn English. Our highly-qualified teachers provide culturally-sensitive instruction in a welcoming classroom environment. Classrooms quickly become tight-knit, supportive communities as students build language skills and confidence in their new language. Notably, many of our staff members are fluent in a number of languages commonly spoken by our learners.  

The majority of CRAEC students hail from Somalia and Ethiopia, with a small percentage coming from other countries such as Vietnam, Mexico, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, and Iraq. Volunteers from nearby universities and the broader Twin Cities community provide further conversation practice, computer instruction, and focused tutoring for our students.

Additionally, partner organizations and other agencies that are housed in the Brian Coyle Community Center and the new Opportunity Center ensure that students can connect to the services they need while pursuing their educational goals.  

Finding CRAEC is easy. Our office is on the main floor of the E building in Riverside Plaza. The Resource Center at that location has a computer lab which serves both residents and students. You can use the internet, make copies, send and receive faxes, and sign up for English classes at the Resource Center.

CRAEC is located near the light rail (both the green line and blue line) and on multiple bus routes.

Stop by and see us or contact us with your questions or comments. We look forward to seeing you soon!